Genie Introduces Powerful New Onboard Generator

Genie Introduces Powerful New Onboard Generator

Genie's new Lift Power system includes a new generation of hydraulically driven generators for contractors who rely on productive power in the platform.

The new generator set-up can deliver continuous power to the platform for running tools or welding even while driving the lift or re-positioning the platform.

“This new configuration is significantly different from its predecessor,” says Zach Gilmor, Genie product manager. “Instead of relying on the lift or drive hydraulic circuit, this new generator system runs on a stand-alone circuit with a separate hydraulic pump to supply continuous electrical power from the generator."

Genie's new Lift Power system includes its own hydraulic circuit, including a third hydraulic pump separate from the lift and drive hydraulic pumps, a right-sized breaker, and no pressure switch. When boom operators turn on the generator, the dedicated pump drives hydraulic fluid to the generator, which spins to produce power.

“This modernized generator system requires much less time to spool up. Power is almost immediately available with the flip of a switch,” says Gilmor. He explains that the system increases productivity because power is not interrupted even when using the generator to power tools or a welder.

Gilmor adds that when a lift's operator turns off the generator, the hydraulic circuit's dedicated pump still runs continuously, cycling hydraulic oil through the oil cooler, which cools and filters the oil back to the machine’s hydraulic tank. That design runs the unit reliably, efficiently supplying power when it’s needed.

“And to positively impact the total cost of ownership over the life of the unit, the Genie Lift Power system requires minimal upkeep, only needing attention at required preventive maintenance intervals,” says Gilmor.

The Genie Lift Power system comes in options to meet the needs of specific markets and customers.

For markets that use 50 Hz AC power, the all-new 3 kW generator can easily be configured put out either 120V or 240V single-phase electricity.

For 60 Hz markets, an all-new 3 kW generator efficiently supplies 120V power. he powerful Genie Lift Power 3 kW hydraulic generator supplies 120V power to the outlet in the platform for efficient operation of tools, such as grinders, drills and lights, without relying on an outside power source or an extension cord.

For Australia, Genie offers a single-phase 220V (50 Hz) 7 kW generator.

For North American boom-lift operators who run heavy-duty welders, Genie offers a 12 kW generator that puts out 240V (60 Hz)  three-phase power.


Welder-equipped Package

The Genie Lift Power full welder package includes the 3-phase 12 kW generator, with the choice of a Lincoln Electric or Miller welder, platform-mounted fire extinguisher, fireproof sleeves over exposed hoses and wires near the platform, and a convenient welder-support shelf with protective cover. That solution generates enough power to efficiently run the heavy-duty welder, supply 120V electricity to the outlet in the platform and on at the base of the machine.


Welder-ready Package

For boom operators who already have a welding machine, the Genie Lift Power welder-ready package is an ideal solution. It includes a 12 kW 3-phase generator to which customers can attach their welder. This hydraulically driven generator supplies 240V 3-phase to a NEMA L15-30R platform outlet, as well as 120V single-phase power to standard single-phase outlets at the platform and at the base of the boom. This package includes a platform-mounted fire extinguisher, fireproof sleeves over exposed hoses/wires near the platform, and convenient welder support shelf with protective cover.


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