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Haulotte Adds Battery Care Device to Vertical Masts

Haulotte Adds Battery Care Device to Vertical Masts

Already existing on the PULSEO generation of aerial work platforms, the SIGMA16 models and the Optimum8 scissor lifts, the Haulotte Activ’Energy Management system is now available on Haulotte vertical masts.

The STAR6STAR6 PickingSTAR8S and STAR10 (STAR13STAR13 PickingSTAR20 and STAR26J in North America) vertical masts are now equipped with the exclusive technology Haulotte Activ’Energy Management.

All STAR models now embed a smart CAN-bus charger which monitors various charging parameters and adapts the charging curve according to lead acid battery manufacturer’s recommendations. Built-in maintenance care programs, such as desulfation cycle, equalization phase or deep discharges recovery cycle ensure improved battery performances and lifespan.

To reduce battery replacement and maintenance costs, the STAR range can be fitted with a centralized water-refilling system. A network of hoses enables all batteries to be refilled at once when the water level sensor detects a lack of water. The operation is carried out either manually or automatically, according to customer’s needs. The AUTO maintenance pack is standard in the STAR 10 configuration.


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