Haulotte Introduces New Redesigned Rough Terrain Articulating Boom

Haulotte Introduces New Redesigned Rough Terrain Articulating Boom

Haulotte’s new HA61 RTJ PRO rough terrain articulating boom has been entirely reimagined to tackle the rigorous demands of today’s busy job sites.

Productivity and Safety in Tough Environments

With a working height of up to 61’, the HA61 RTJ PRO was engineered to thrive in demanding outdoor terrains. The boom features an articulated arm with a 39’ horizontal outreach. This allows operators to skillfully navigate around impediments and access challenging work zones.

The HA61 RTJ PRO also comes standard with the Haulotte Dual Reach Innovation, which helps operators enhance their load and tilt capacities.

Sloped Terrain Operations Solution

Worksite conditions often demand heavy lifting at an incline, which can pose significant operational challenges. Haulotte’s Dual Reach Innovation, now a core component of the HA61 RTJ PRO, robustly addresses these challenges. It increases the basket load capacity to a substantial 770 lbs., while facilitating work on inclines up to 6 degrees.

By activating the Dual Reach system from the upper control box, operators will experience a seamless continuation of elevation and operation, markedly reducing the frequency of repositioning, thus enhancing safety and augmenting productivity.

Dominating Rough Terrain 

Equipped with full-time 4-wheel drive and steering, along with an oscillating axle, it ensures smooth transportation over diverse landforms. The inclusion of an automatic differential lock grants additional traction over unsteady or soft ground, empowering operators to maneuver effortlessly and overcome obstacles.

The boom’s exceptional capabilities in rough terrain are further bolstered by a potent combination of a new engine and a state-of-the-art hydraulic architecture.

Safety Measures for Operator Security

The proportional controls offer precise handling for smooth navigation, while the ergonomic control panel adds unmatched operator comfort. The integration of the Haulotte Activ'Lighting System, featuring ten LED spotlights, ensures safety during loading and unloading in dimly lit conditions. Reflective stickers strategically placed on the counterweight, and the standard Activ'Shield Bar safeguard the operator against potential hazards.

Commitment to Environmental Excellence

Embracing environmental stewardship, Haulotte has equipped the HA61 RTJ PRO with an engine that champions efficiency, drawing less than 18.5 kW.

According to Haulotte, this new engine, coupled with the boom’s optimized mechanical and hydraulic systems, slashes fuel consumption by a staggering 35% to 50%*, leading to a reduced carbon footprint.

These engineering enhancements not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also result in a 97% recyclability rate for the machine.

Fleet Management and Diagnostic Tools

At the forefront of technology, the HA61 RTJ PRO includes a suite of on-board diagnostic tools designed to streamline fleet management and minimize operational interruptions.

The SHERPAL telematics solution offers remote, real-time machine status monitoring, while the Haulotte Activ'Screen provides immediate access to machine parameters and status.

The Haulotte Diag app extends these capabilities to mobile devices, offering comprehensive diagnostics and detailed resolution procedures.


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