Innovation on the Move With Genie Road Show, UK

Innovation on the Move With Genie Road Show, UK

From 12th to 21st September, the Genie UK team will be going the extra distance by hosting a nationwide road show to showcase the brand’s 16 m (52 ft) Genie® Xtra Capacity™ Z™-45/25 XC boom, the 20 m (65 ft) hybrid Genie Z-60/37 FE boom and the versatile 12 m (39 ft) electric Genie Z-33/18 boom lift.

Travelling over 600 miles within two weeks, led by Adam Mitchell (Genie Territory Sales Manager UK North & Ireland, Terex AWP), Keith John (Genie Territory Sales Manager UK South & Ireland, Terex AWP) and Lee Edwards (Genie Sales Director, UK & Ireland, Terex AWP), the Genie UK team will be accompanying two truck trailers that will stop at 12 different venues hosted by Genie rental customers throughout the country.

“For many rental companies, due to the time and costs involved, sparing staff the opportunity to attend tradeshows and factory visits can be challenging,” says Edwards. “Our roadshow is an alternative solution that aims to offer all members of our rental customers’ staff the chance to meet the Genie team, as well as to see our most recent product developments in a timeframe adapted to their availabilities. It is also a welcome occasion for our rental partners to invite their respective end-user customers to join us to learn more about the versatile capabilities and cost-efficiencies that Genie booms have to offer”.

Specifically developed for the European market in Umbertide in Italy, the electric Genie Z33/18 boom lift is an environment-friendly machine adapted to a multitude of indoor and outdoor applications in the 12 m (39 ft) height range. “Accessibly priced, robust, lightweight and simple to operate, we are confident that customers will be convinced by its versatility and practicality,” says John.

As one of the few machines of its kind that is adapted to today’s widespread need to enable people to work at height safely with increasingly heavy loads.  Mitchell says, “The Genie Z-45/25 XC boom lift is well-suited for a variety of applications on unfinished construction sites where higher capacity capabilities are needed to handle a wider range of heavier access tasks with just one machine.”

As for the fuel electric Genie Z-60/37 FE boom lift, recently awarded ‘Rental Product of the Year 2017’ by the European Rental Association, “It is the first and only true high performance hybrid unit on the market,” notes Edwards. “Designed for indoor and outdoor use with low fuel consumption, thanks to its two modes of operation, this boom offers rental companies a versatile, sustainable and powerful ‘two-in-one’ solution that combines increased rates of utilization with high rental returns on invested capital.”


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