IPAF Invites Members to Join Committee Aimed at Globalizing MEWP Standards

IPAF Invites Members to Join Committee Aimed at Globalizing MEWP Standards

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has created an International Safety Committee (ISC) to help globalize standards development, help with effective implementation, and promote awareness about industry safe practice.

The new committee is born out of the existing IPAF Accident Work Group of the IPAF UK Country Council, which has been instrumental in compiling and analyzing incident statistics gathered by IPAF’s Accident Reporting Portal, leading to the annual IPAF Global Safety Report, recently published for 2021.

The current members of the Accident Work Group will constitute the core of the new committee, with Chair Mark Keily of Sunbelt Rentals UK taking the reins for the first meeting on 22 September 2021.

IPAF is now inviting representatives to join the existing members of the ISC.

Candidates should be powered-access professionals with a passion for improving health and  safety.

The committee will meet three or four times a year, mostly virtually, with one physical meeting in conjunction with a major industry event.

Brian Parker, IPAF’s head of safety and technical, says: “The IPAF Accident Work Group has long worked hard behind the scenes to produce safety guidance based on the accident reporting data we have been collecting and analyzing since 2013, when the vast majority of reporting at that time coming from our UK membership.”

Parker added, “With the accident reporting portal now receiving reports from more than 20 countries worldwide, and with IPAF preparing and promoting technical guidance and safety campaigns in almost 80 countries, we felt it was appropriate to expand the remit and outlook of the group, and so have created the International Safety Committee, which will ultimately report to and be represented on the IPAF Council.”

Peter Douglas, CEO and MD of IPAF, says, “It is clear from the latest IPAF Global Safety Report and the difficulties faced by our industry during the pandemic, as well as new standards being developed and implemented in recent years in places such as the U.S., Canada, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, that powered access as whole will benefit from clear, consistent, and independent leadership in safety globally.”

Douglas added, “If any IPAF member company wishes to be represented on the new committee I urge them to get in touch; we look forward to a high caliber of interested parties expressing their interest.”

Douglas recommends all stakeholders take the time to review the latest Global Safety Report online and urges all operators, managers, and users of powered access around the world to keep reporting accidents and near misses.

Visit www.ipaf.org/accident to view or download the IPAF Global Safety Report 2021. To review the webinar hosted on 22 June to preview the launch of the 2021 report, see www.ipaf.org/webinars.

Use www.ipafaccidentreporting.org to report all accidents, incidents, and near misses involving powered access.


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