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Jekko Launches New Minipicker

Jekko Launches New Minipicker

The revamped version of Jekko’s MPK06 minipicker features innovative control software that allows it to work in tight spaces with precision and perform pick-and-carry operations on rough terrains.

The new MPK10 model has a maximum safe working load of 2182 lbs. It is designed and developed to make the operator’s work easier for many different fields of application, including construction, industrial maintenance and others.

“The MPK10, as well as the brand new MPK20R to be unveiled at the Bauma exhibition, are part of Jekko’s next generation of products in the minipicker range destined to meet the requirements of a vast customer base asking for user-friendly, simple, safe and reliable machines to be used in small or large lifting works but always featuring a creative and innovative approach that only Jekko can offer, even in supposedly simple cranes as the minipickers,” says Alberto Franceschini, Jekko sales director.

The MPK10 has four 24V-155Ah rechargeable batteries that power the electrohydraulic unit controlling the crane handling, the electrical actuators for the manipulator, and the electric rotation motors for travel. This crane offers the advantage of a noiseless zero-emission motor when working indoors.

This minipicker can be used with a hook or with a JVM10 vacuum manipulator for glazed panes fitted with six suction cups powered by a dual vacuum system, to deliver a maximum capacity of 2182 lbs. In addition to these tools, the crane can also be equipped with a second manipulator (600-kg load capacity) that optimizes the total weight and increases both reach and maximum capacity.

Control Options

Travel is controlled by the rear drawbar, which moves the machine on a 7.8 ft. bending radius, and by the wired control hooked to the machine and operating the turret, the arm and the manipulator.

A major characteristic introduced by the MPK10 is the optional radio-remote control in addition to the standard wired control. The radio-remote control features six independent and touch-proportional functions.

The radio-remote control can operate the machine from any angle regardless of the minipicker position. It is user-friendly and easy to read, having colored icons that associate the single control to the machine function it operates. Two working speed modes allow the operator of an MPK10 to feel the working crane as if it was a larger machine.

The radio-remote control can be stored in a large and convenient tool compartment located on the machine front, where a second battery for the radio control, the recharge plug and the hook can also be found.

A single compartment in the unit allows operators to plug in a worksite light that can be plugged, charge a mobile phone and access a fuse box operating hour counter, and the battery charge indicator.

Other Features

In addition to side outriggers, the machine is fitted with off-road run-flat tires that adapting to uneven surfaces. Front twin wheels provide increased traction and stability on steep grounds.

For indoor operations, the MPK10 can be equipped with white non-marking tires.


The greatest asset of the MPK10 is the +9°/-9° slewing of the turret. The manipulator can perform three movements (360° rotation, up/down tilting, right/left swinging), which makes it much easier to drive the machine through narrow areas. To do this, a panel can be placed on the side of the machine, keeping it within the crane loading gauge when there’s no room to transport the load from the front.


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