JLG Adds Bolt-On Fall Arrest System for Boom Lifts

JLG Adds Bolt-On Fall Arrest System for Boom Lifts

JLG Industries Inc. is offering a new bolt-on system to help operators move safely outside the platform of its boom lifts.

This feature allows an occupant to exit the platform at height and step onto adjacent structures while being tied off to an approved lanyard anchor point on the platform. The Bolt-On Fall Arrest System consists of two large steel brackets securing a 6-ft. cable with a ring that can move from one end of the cable to the other. Attaching the lanyard to the ring improves maneuverability and allows the operator to perform tasks outside of the platform.

“Machine operators can often save time by having access beyond the work platform,” said Bill Dovey, senior product manager of booms for JLG Industries Inc. “Our External Bolt-On Fall Arrest System gives operators the confidence to maneuver safely and securely outside the platform.”

These systems are ideal for a variety of applications, including aircraft inspection, maintenance and service, roof installation or repair, chimney repair, bridge construction, petrochemical plant construction, inspection maintenance and repair, and steel erection as well as general construction and maintenance. The External Bolt-On Fall Arrest System meets both ANSI A92.5 and CSA B354.4-02 standards and can be installed by a qualified service representative to any 36 in. x 72 in. or 36 in. x 96 in. platform mounted to a JLG boom lift.

The system is portable and can be moved from one platform to another; does not require a specially reinforced platform; and does not derate platform capacity. Fall Arrest solutions are available on all new JLG boom lifts and as an aftermarket accessory through JLG parts. 

To learn more about JLG, visit the company website at www.jlg.com.


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