JLG Adds Fourth Virtual Job Site

JLG Adds Fourth Virtual Job Site

JLG Industries Inc. has added a fourth job site to its “Access Your World” virtual environment.

The new virtual job site features work taking place in an urban retail complex. 

Access Your World” offers a life-like experience that showcases detailed, 3D equipment models being used in multiple stages of construction. It allows visitors to experience JLG products in a variety of applications. 

“The quest to develop engaging digital tools for customers continues to accelerate,” said Jennifer Stiansen, director of marketing for JLG. “Using technology to deliver industry-leading experiences has become an increased focus in our marketing efforts.”

Stiansen added that that JLG built Access Your World to meet the needs of rental companies and equipment users. The site offers free, on-demand access to education and training, anytime, from any device.

Stiansen says that in addition to interacting with different products and varied applications, visitors in the virtual experience are engaging with content about JLG’s aftermarket and value-added services:

“As we expand further into the virtual world,” said Stiansen, “we are constantly learning, adapting, and optimizing the experience by assessing user behavior and the user experience. We use this data to inform decisions for enhancements, which include the addition of more operator- and technician-like experiences that bring a further degree of realism to our digital environment.”

Anyone can visit the Access Your World virtual experience at https://jlg-experience.virtualevents-hub.com/.


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