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JLG ClearSky Smart Fleet Turns Connectivity into Interactivity

JLG ClearSky Smart Fleet Turns Connectivity into Interactivity

JLG Industries Inc. now offers ClearSky Smart Fleet connectivity standard on most new JLG equipment.

This breakthrough Internet of Things (IoT) technology launches with 25 unique features that include analyzers, telematics, and productivity applications, into a single connectivity beacon on JLG machines.

The system offers seamless back-and-forth interaction through a comprehensive ClearSky mobile app, a user-friendly web portal, or an advanced API.

Equipment owners and operators can send a prompt to the beacon to identify a machine’s status or to perform diagnostics wirelessly through the mobile app.

“ClearSky Smart Fleet is a bold, new frontier in fleet connectivity,” says Ara Eckel, director of product management for JLG’s connected solutions.

Eckel calls ClearSky Smart Fleet a true, two-way fleet management and communication platform that whose interactivity gets JLG equipment fleets talking like never before.

According to Eckel, ClearSky Smart Fleet is built as a robust, constantly evolving IoT platform that can deliver new functionality, new insights, and new ways to run more efficient, cost-effective operations.

Comprehensive Mobile App

Developed from the ground up, the all-new ClearSky Smart Fleet app provides a modern mobile experience.

It can manage data and machine interaction even when cellular data and Wi-Fi are not available.

For example, its key features include:

  • Find My Machine — This feature activates audible and visual cues from the machine to make identifying and locating equipment effortless. “With ClearSky Smart Fleet, equipment owners and operators can light a specific machine’s beacon or honk its horn with the tap of a screen,” says Eckel.
  • Machine Status Indication — Visual cues from the machine allow equipment owners and operators to identify a machine’s status wirelessly. For example, they can see active diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)s, battery or fuel level, ignition, and more simply by looking at the color of the beacon.
  • Digital Analyzer — Perform diagnostics wirelessly with a built-in analyzer function that replaces the JLG wired handheld analyzer.
  • Digitized Information — Access to targeted information, such as parts and technical manuals, helps solve service issues without moving a step.
  • Coming Soon: Digital Analyzer Reader — A one-page summary shows a machine’s setup, personalities, diagnostics, and fault log data, which can be downloaded and shared.

User-Friendly Web Portal

The ClearSky Smart Fleet web portal delivers clear, efficient navigation and powerful features for immediate visibility of a fleet’s health and performance data. To help digitize daily processes, the web portal features include:

  • Dynamic Dashboard — Display as much data as needed through a dynamic, action-oriented dashboard. “Whether a fleet view or individual model view is wanted, powerful filters and tailored customization, including drag-and-drop window widgets,” says Eckel, “allow any role to prioritize the actionable insights necessary to maximize productivity and return on investment.”
  • Machine-Level Data — Gives access in seconds to specific serial number and asset ID data, such as interactive schematics, knowledge articles, technical manuals, and parts information.
  • Export — Generate reports and export the overview dashboard as a PDF or Excel file.
  • Unified Login — ClearSky Smart Fleet is now part of Online Express. That allows single sign-on and access using Online Express credentials. “By integrating ClearSky Smart Fleet into JLG’s Online Express service, equipment owners and operators can manage a fleet, troubleshoot machine issues, and order parts — everything they need to keep a fleet in top shape — with a single login,” says Eckel.
  • Coming Soon: Automatic Site Networks — Receive notifications when a machine arrives at or leaves a job site using the site network feature. “Site Networks act like automated geofences,” says Eckel, “when two or more machines are within range of a local connection, a site network is formed automatically, simplifying equipment tracking and reporting.”

Advanced API

Equipment owners and operators can effortlessly combine actionable, JLG-rich, ClearSky Smart Fleet data into a current telematics solution to manage an entire mixed fleet from a single screen, no matter where they are. “Our next-generation IoT platform offers an integrated, enhanced data feed to combine actionable, JLG-rich data into our customers’ in-house solution to manage their entire mixed fleet from a single screen, maximizing efficiencies and improving ROI,” says Eckel.

ClearSky Smart Fleet is being introduced as a phased global rollout, starting July 2023. Customers with existing JLG products can continue to use the legacy ClearSky program for their connected needs. Both platforms are integrated into Online Express, JLG’s 24/7 e-Commerce site.


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