JLG Low-Level Access Lifts Now Available for Purchase Online

JLG Low-Level Access Lifts Now Available for Purchase Online

JLG Industries, Inc. now offers its human-powered EcoLift 50 and EcoLift 70 low-level access lifts, as well as its push-around 830P and 1030P models, for retail sale through its Online Express e-commerce platform. For companies committed to decreasing ladder-related injuries and fatalities, these machines offer an alternative to ladders and scaffolding to complete interior maintenance, facility management and fit-out and finish work.

According to Jennifer Stiansen, JLG’s director of marketing, JLG expanded its product line into the low-level access category in 2008 to provide people with a safer way to work at heights below 20-ft.

“Today, we offer products in this category with platform heights ranging from 4-ft 11-in to 13-ft 3-in and working heights from 10-ft 11-in to 19-ft 3-in. And, all models weigh less than 1,000-lbs,” says Stiansen, “This makes them suitable for use on sensitive flooring and able to be pushed or rolled into place and between work areas, with no assembly or disassembly required.”

In addition to the productivity features and benefits low-level access lifts offer, Stiansen says that these machines are designed to reduce strain on the body and lessen the risk of musculoskeletal injuries caused by repetitive movements associated with climbing up and down a ladder with tools and materials, then extending to reach the work area while maintaining three points of contact.

Stiansen continues,“JLG’s low-level access lifts offer the user a 360-degree range of motion and the use of both hands while working from a spacious platform, which reduces the risk of fatigue-related slips, trips and falls.”

As the adoption curve for low-level access products continues to accelerate and their use as a replacement for ladders and scaffolding becomes more frequent, Stiansen says that requests regarding where and how to purchase these lifts have become more common.

“To streamline the buying process and further our company’s ladders last philosophy, JLG has made these products available for purchase and direct shipment to customers through Online Express using a simple ‘Buy Now’ button from a desktop computer or mobile device,” she says.

JLG’s Online Express is an online retail site that has traditionally provided users with the ability to shop for parts, accessories and attachments by equipment serial number, part number or via a description. Today, consumers now have the convenience of buying the company’s low-level access products through this same platform.

To learn more about JLG’s line of push-around and human-powered low-level access lifts, visit the JLG website.


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