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JLG Publishes New Accessories Resource Guide

JLG Publishes New Accessories Resource Guide

JLG Industries, Inc., released its new resource guide Accessorized on #DirectAccess to provide customers with information about add-on JLG accessories that can increase operators’ job site productivity, provide additional safety measures and/or extend the machine’s efficiency in certain applications.

“When a crew needs to get work done at height, a JLG scissor lift or boom lift equipped with the right accessories can be one of the most effective tools to help them get the job done,” says Nancy DeZarn, Senior Marketing Manager - Aftermarket, JLG. “For example, some accessories are designed to conserve platform space, while others improve job site working conditions or help complete overhead work in welding, electrical, plumbing and maintenance applications.”

In this whitepaper, JLG outlines the different options for accessories available for equipment owners and operators and provides information on how to purchase these equipment add-ons. Get your free copy of the Accessorized whitepaper, available for download now, on #DirectAccess by clicking here.

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