Kalmar RT Reach Stackers, Telehandler Now in Commercial Markets

Kalmar RT Reach Stackers, Telehandler Now in Commercial Markets

Kalmar RT Center has expanded into the commercial market and has made its first announced its first commercial sale of the RT240 rough-terrain reach stackers to assist with one of the world’s largest energy projects. Initially produced exclusively for the U.S. Armed Forces, the Kalmar RT240 is capable of handling 20- and 40-foot ISO containers across virtually any landscape. The RT240 can work in unimproved ground conditions, harsh environments, and climb up to 27 percent grades. Its application versatility is expanded by the availability of fork and sling lift attachments.


Toll Group, one of Asia’s leading provider of integrated logistic services, purchased four Kalmar RT240 reach stackers for use on the Gorgon Project, one of the world's largest natural gas projects. The Gorgon Project is a joint venture led by Chevron Australia to develop the greater Gorgon gas fields, Australia’s largest‐known gas resource. Toll Group will use the RT240 to add capacity and efficiency to the freight and material-handling operations at the dock and construction sites in the remote location where previous operations have failed to meet schedule.


The Toll Group RT240 purchase marks a new era for Kalmar RT Center in the commercial sector and an opportunity for companies around the globe to now operate the same battle‐tested equipment used by the military.


"The Kalmar equipment with its attachments—whether it's a sling load attachment or a forklift attachment—has the ability to perform the functions of four of five pieces of equipment on a drill site,” said retired Col. Bryan Stephens, president and CEO Of Kalmar RT Center. “We can replace several pieces of equipment out at those drill sites, and we can do it faster, more efficiently, and safer than they're doing it right now."


"The RT240, the rough-terrain reach stacker, has revolutionized logistics operations worldwide for the U.S. military and its allies, and now we're offering this product commercially for the first time," said Randy Wingenroth, Kalmar RT vice president of product and business development. “Kalmar rough-terrain machines move safely, efficiently, and effectively in virtually any terrain. The possibilities for commercial applications are endless.”


Kalmar also manufactures the Kalmar RT022 rough-terrain telehandler, which maneuvers in and out of ISO Containers. The RT022 has side‐shifting forks and operates in up to 36 Inches of water and up to a 45-percent grade.


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