Keytroller Digital Wireless Camera System Designed for Forklifts

Keytroller Digital Wireless Camera System Designed for Forklifts

Keytroller LLC has introduced the SEETROLLER digital wireless camera viewing device, specifically designed for improving the safety of forklifts and equipment. Retail price for a one camera system with color 7” LCD display is under $700.

The digital wireless system features FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), which uses a channel hopping sequence based on an algorithm generated by the receiver (LCD display). The 2.4GHz (2.400-2.480GHz) band is divided into sections or paths of 2MHz per section, and each second, the transmission signal hops hundreds of times in a specified sequence within this frequency range. The overall bandwidth required for frequency hopping is much wider than 2MHz; however, because transmission occurs only on a small section of this bandwidth at any given time, the signal being transmitted does not suffer from greatly reduced signal degradation and also avoids paths blocked by other devices that act as sources of competing signals. The strength of the signal being transmitted is set to be from 13.5-16dBm, which is much higher than the analog transmission signal allowed by authorities around the globe. Simply put---this means a much sharper and clearer picture, much longer transmission range and not susceptible to interference from machinery and microwave “noise”.

A device pairing process synchronizes the transmitter (TX, Camera) and the receiver (RX LCD display). This allows the transmitter and receiver to be on the same frequency and use the same algorithm for frequency hopping. This ensures that only the paired transmitter and receiver can maintain communication signal by hopping to the same frequency paths at the exact same time. As a result, the chance that other devices within the same frequency range are on the same frequency, at the same time and in the same order is vastly reduced. Simply put, this means that there is no interference from other cameras (forklifts) that may be in the same area----camera and LCD display remain paired.

Seetroller wireless camera system can be installed quickly on the forklift load backrest or on the vehicle pointing to where the operator needs to see. There are no wires to run up and down the mast. The camera is turned on and off remotely with a handheld FOB. The 7” color LCD display comes on automatically when the signal is received and shuts off within three minutes of loss of signal. The battery is unplugged and recharged as necessary and provides nearly eight hours of power.

Seetroller's LCD color display is designed for the vibration issues found on mobile equipment and features a sunshade cover and adjustable mounting bracket. The color camera features LEDs that automatically come on to illuminate the target in low light conditions. Clear transmission range can be up to 300 ft. (100m) indoors with no interference issues.


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