Lift-A-Loft Unveils New Compact Vertical Lift

Lift-A-Loft Unveils New Compact Vertical Lift

Lift-A-Loft has unveiled its new compact vertical lift, the Vertex that has 500-lb. load capacity, a working height of 18 ft., and can fit through a standard man door, as well as work in narrow aisles and congested environments. 

The Vertex's platform rotates 90° to either side, which provides over 28 ins. of side reach.  The unit can also be used to quickly rotate from one side of an aisle to another when pulling stock and can drive at full elevation with the platform rotated to either side.

“The Vertex is our first step toward building a lower cost product that can be manufactured and sold in volume," said Todd Hunt, president.  “This product and our commitment to further development have helped Lift-A-Loft re-establish a distribution network that will work to sell and service the Vertex and other Lift-A-Loft products.  The vision of the new Lift-A-Loft is to offer quality American made products that can be built in larger quantities along side our more custom product offerings."

The Vertex features a maintenance free mast design and reversible electric drive motors.  A CAN bus system controls the machine’s functions and the multi-directional joystick makes the unit intuitive and easy to maneuver.

 Lift-A-Loft will enter full production of the Vertex in June and has numerous pre-production units on order.


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