Lube-A-Boom Introduces Lube-A-Pin Aerosol

Lube-A-Boom Introduces Lube-A-Pin Aerosol

Lube-A-Boom has introduced its latest product innovation, Lube-A-Pin Aerosol. Lube-A-Pin Aerosol is an aerosolized version of Lube-A-Boom’s popular Lube-A-Pin Grease, a 5% moly grease with synthetic additives formulated for heavy-duty and all-purpose applications.

The product was specifically designed for applications where components experience high heat and high pressure.

“Lube-A-Pin Grease has been one of our most popular products and through customer feedback, we identified the need for an aerosol option,” said Jonathon Roberts, Lube-A-Boom vice president and general counsel. “We’re excited to introduce this new format, allowing for easy spray-on application versus brushing or rolling on.”

Lube-A-Pin Aerosol can be used in wet and dirty environments, as well as for mining operations and off-road equipment.

“Lube-A-Pin Aerosol offers less mess and reduces product waste, which ultimately saves our customers money,” said Roberts.

The new product is available in 12-pack cases. Ideal operating temperature range is -40 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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