Manitou Group Launches Record Number of Products at 2022 Bauma

Manitou Group Launches Record Number of Products at 2022 Bauma

Manitou Group presented a record number of new products at Bauma 2022. Among the new machines are four new aerial work platforms, two rotating telehandlers, and a fixed telehandler. The range of mid-height telehandlers also includes four new models.

New Electric Platforms

With four new platform models, the group is accelerating the roll-out of its “Oxygen” low emissions range. The 200 ATJe rough-terrain platform (working height of 65.6’) is now available with four-wheel steer for greater maneuverability and a basket that can now take 551 lbs. of load, 66 lbs. more than on the two-wheel drive version.

The range of rough-terrain electric telehandlers also welcomes two models, 160 ATJe and 180 ATJe. With a working height of 52’ and 59’ respectively, these platforms also see their capacity increased by 110 lbs. for a basket that can take a total weight of 551 lbs. There is also a second version named 160 ATJ+ e, with capacity significantly increased to 881 lbs.

A range extender solution is also presented in the form of a removable generator common to all the machines, allowing for a week of autonomy.

“With all these new products, Manitou Group is the first manufacturer to have a range of 100% electric rough-terrain platforms from 16 meters (52') to 20 meters (65'6"),” said Arnaud Boyer, VP of marketing and product development.

He continued, “The acceleration of our electric development allows us to now offer low-emission solutions across our platform ranges, as well as on our telehandlers. We will continue to extend this energy to other ranges in accordance with the objectives of our CSR roadmap”.

A new version of the 120 AETJ platform has also been added to the industrial range. Presented as a sneak preview, this model has been entirely redesigned and is fitted with AC (asynchronous) motors providing comfort and flexibility of use.

MT 625e Electric Telehandler

Manitou Group is also adding to its range of compact forklifts with the commercial launch of its first 100% electric compact telehandler. The MT 625e, with a capacity of 5,511 lbs. and a height of 19'6", guarantees performance as good as the internal combustion version and is the same size.

Electric Rotating Telehandlers

The Group is presenting an electric version of the rotating telehandler models MRT 2260e and MRT 2660e from the recent VISION+ range. With a loading capacity of 12,000 lbs. for a lifting height of 72' and 85' respectively, these models enjoy the same performance level as the internal combustion models, even allowing simultaneous boom movements.

Four New Mid-height Telehandlers

In order to harmonize its mid-height range, Manitou launched four new internal combustion models with between 23' and 42'6" meters of lifting height for a lifting capacity of 7,716 lbs., namely MT 735, MT 935, MT 1135 and MT 1335. The 36' and 42'6" models are available with two transmission versions, torque converter or hydrostatic, to meet the different needs of users. Two engines are also available for these same models, a 75 hp version or a 100 hp version.

These telehandlers are thus equipped with the same dashboard as the rest of the range, with a Harmony screen, as well as the option to move its control buttons to near the armrest (Double Switch Buttons).

Intended for the North American and European markets, the first models will be delivered by the end of 2023.

ULM/GCT Ultra-compact Telehandler

Launched this year, the ultra-compact ULM (Ultra Light Manitou)/GCT (Gehl Compact Telehandler) telehandler meets the expectations of users who want an easy-to-handle machine that can be easily transported between sites.

With a transportable weight of less than 6,000 lbs., this model can be loaded onto a trailer with a GVW of 7,716 lbs. At 5' and 6' high, its dimensions are among the most compact on the market, making it easy to use in tight spaces, and particularly for entering buildings or maneuvering on renovation sites, for handling pallets of concrete blocks or bricks.

The ULM/CGT is available in two versions, with a lifting capacity of 2,500 lbs. and 3, 306 lbs. respectively and a lifting height of 14’.

Articulated Loaders

With 12 new models, Manitou Group has extended its range of articulated loaders, which now comprises 22 models, all available under the Gehl AL (Articulated Loader) and Manitou MLA (Manitou Loader Articulated) brands.

These new products offer a load capacity ranging from 1,543 lbs. to 3,000 lbs. for a lifting height of between 8’2” for a short arm and 10’ for a long arm.

New models have been specifically designed for construction (AL 320/MLA 3-25 H-C and AL 420/MLA 4-50 H-C) for handling pallets of materials, on urban sites where compactness is a must. The Manitou MLA 2-25 H and Gehl AL 230 models have a hydraulic motor on each wheel to make these small machines even more maneuverable in any environment.

Heavy Load telehandlers

The new MHT range has been designed to handle heavy and bulky loads, on all types of terrain, in complete safety. Its performance has been greatly improved with capacities from 18,000 lbs. to 66,000 lbs., for a working height of up to 39’.

Ergonomics have been enhanced with a comfortable and easy-to-reach operator's station with wide, non-slip steps, a large door and the "Easy Step" floor cut-out that allows safe entry and exit to the cab. The new Manitou JSM joystick now incorporates a capacitive system for automatic and precise detection of the operator's hand for safe working.


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