The Manitou Group Unveils Two New Models, the MRT 3050 and MRT 2470 at a Keynote | Construction News

The Manitou Group Unveils Two New Models, the MRT 3050 and MRT 2470 at a Keynote | Construction News
The Manitou Group Unveils Two New Models, the MRT 3050 and MRT 2470 at a Keynote | Construction News

The  Manitou group, a world leader in all-terrain material handling, introduces its two new rotating telehandler models. Unveiled at a Keynote, the MRT 3050 and MRT 2470 complement a particularly wide range that is suited for high-rise construction work. The group becomes the first market operator to offer a rotating telescopic machine with a load bearing capacity of 7 tonnes for a height exceeding 20 metres.

The Manitou group introduced its new rotating telehandlers, the MRT 3050 and MRT 2470, at a relatively unexpected presentation. In front of an audience of 200 people gathered at the Group's headquarters, the marketing teams gave a presentation that was broadcast on all its social networks and those of its subsidiaries, allowing several thousand internet users to follow the presentation live. The Manitou Keynote can still be accessed via the URL The technical datasheets and brochures for these two new models are also available for download. This is the first time a material handling group uses this presentation format for a product launch. With Manitou, innovation extends across the board, from products to customer communications.

MRT 3050
To meet the needs of a particularly dynamic European construction market, the group is offering a model that can lift up to 5 tonnes and has a maximum lifting height of 30 metres. The versatile MRT 3050 combines precision and safety, thanks to easier maintenance access for the operator and stabilisers with a deployment length of up to 6.25 metres. These are now fitted with a strain gauge system, which ensures more accurate and secure detection of the pressure of the stabilisers on the ground. The user can also check the extent of deployment thanks to a dashboard display. Equipped with a two-ratio hydrostatic transmission, the MRT 3050 has a maximum speed of 40 km/h. This model fulfils a particularly strong demand in northern Europe, and has many applications, such as the construction of residential buildings, industries, roofing and structural steelwork. It is equipped with a Mercedes 176 hp Final Tier IV engine.

MRT 2470: the first rotating telehandler over 20m with a capacity of 7 tonnes
The engineering office of the group's Italian subsidiary based in Castelfranco has worked in close collaboration with the marketing teams to offer an innovative product. With a boom reach of 24 metres for a load-bearing capacity of 7 tonnes, the MRT 2470 is a response to the needs of heavy high-rise construction. Like the MRT 3050, the new MRT 2470 benefits from a new chassis. With a newly designed counterweight, this rotating telehandler maintains perfect stability, even with a maximum load at 24 metres.

With its hydrostatic “shift-on-fly” transmission option, this model allows the operator to choose between a manual or automatic gearbox. With two ratios, the maximum speed of the MRT 2470 is 40 km/h. Cab access is facilitated with a wider footboard aligned with the cabin. Optionally, the
operator has the benefit of an electronic stairway with an extra step that slides out when the stabilisers are deployed, making it easier to get in and out of the cab. The machine can thus be raised 23 cm when the stabilisers are completely deployed.Arnaud Boyer, VP Marketing & Product Development explains: “In order to provide our customers with the best solutions, we have incorporated many innovations into these models, giving users a better performance and greater security. With our MRT 2470 model's very high load capacity, the Manitou group has initiated a new era of rotating telehandlers”.

For indoor applications, a dual-energy engine with an electrical system is also available as an option,allowing noise pollution and polluting gas emissions to be reduced, and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Maintenance access is facilitated on the two models to reduce the TCO. The user can easily change the air and oil filters. The grease points have also been positioned so that they can be easily identified by the operator. A screen on the dashboard allows for better preventive maintenance,
with information about part replacement intervals, depending on usage. Many services are available on these two models, with the connected solution Easy MANAGER, and an extended warranty available on the whole MRT range, with options of 2, 3, and 5 extra years.

Innovative attachments
The group has developed a new continuous rotation fork carriage CAT 1200/4000 R. With its 360° rotation, this attachment increases productivity by reducing movements when handling, facilitating the placement of long loads. This model has a width of 1.2m for a front loading capacity of 4 tonnes (+/- 15°). Its capacity is 2500 kg for the rest of the rotation (when the angle of rotation is greater than 15°). This model is intended for handling palletised loads in industrial environments and on construction sites. In collaboration with its engineering office, Manitou's attachments team has designed a connected tool using attachment recognition, a CAN-bus rotation sensor and built-in software. The position and weight of the load, as well as the fork rotation angle and position are checked s everal times per second, constantly ensuring the safety and stability of the load for the operator. This system also prevents overloading (according to the angle of rotation) and any lowering of the forks when the angle of rotation of the forks is greater than 90°.

The group has also developed a new aluminium extensible rotating aerial work platform basket, “PSE 4200 / 365 ALU”, intended for MRT telehandlers. The choice of aluminium for the whole body of the basket (the rotator is still made of steel) allows for a significant weight saving of 150 kg, while maintaining a loading capacity of 365 kg including three people. The offset is significantly increased, allowing users to optimise their working efficiency and to maximise use of their machine's capabilities.


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