March 30th Auction will Feature Aerial Lifts from JLG and Genie

March 30th Auction will Feature Aerial Lifts from JLG and Genie

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Compass Auctions is offering a selection of heavy equipment, including aerial work platforms from JLG and Genie, to the public on March 30, 2022, at 10 a.m. EST. These telescopic lifts are 2008 models and pre-bidding opens on 3/16/22! 


Compass works with municipalities and businesses to bring heavy equipment and industrial materials to auction on a monthly basis. Offering innovative solutions to customer service and satisfaction for both buyers and sellers, as well as offering to market, display, and offer fulfillment services for payments, Compass is a one-stop shop when it comes to heavy equipment, vehicles, and industrial/construction equipment consignment and sales.


“We provide a dual-platform solution,” said Chris Wood, the general sales manager at Compass. “We provide auctions where construction companies can turn their current inventory into some quick cash, allowing them to purchase and upgrade with new equipment, while also allowing them the opportunity to find something that they need now.”


It was recently reported that Dodge Construction Network — a major source of statistics in the modern-day construction industry — is forecasting a 6% rise in construction starts in 2022.


This rise will mark 2022 as the new peak year for new construction projects, surpassing the previous peak year of 2019, when construction starts were valued at a combined total of $861 billion.


2020 saw a decrease in starts by 7% due to complications arising from the pandemic, and 2021 saw a rebound in construction starts by a dramatic 12%. While Dodge estimates that 2022 will only see half as much growth as 2021, the total amount of money that will be spent on starts in 2022 is an estimated $946 billion.


“Realistically, auctions help people to move quicker,” Wood said. “People who are out there searching for heavy equipment usually have to wait a month or two to try to get what they need. We have more of a selection, and our bidders have the ability to buy sooner than they would at a lot of other places.”


The JLG telescopic boom lift is a model 660SJ with the following specifications:

Hours - 7213

Motor - IMPCO 3.0L

Duel Fuel - Propane/Gas

Max Capacity - 500 lbs

Truck Weight - 27580

Max Height - 66 ft

Max Reach - 56 ft


View this in the digital catalog at:


The Genie telescopic boom lift is a 4x4 S-85 model with these features:

Hours: 5,783

Deutz Diesel Motor

Max Capacity: 500Lbs 

Truck Weight: 36,255

Max Height: 85’

Max Reach: 77’


View this in the digital catalog at:


As these boom lifts and any heavy equipment through Compass are being sold at auction, there are no warranties and all items are “sold as is, where is.” Before bidding, you are encouraged to make every effort to inspect the items. Compass is transparent when it comes to listing any known issues with equipment. For example, the Genie lift does not extend fully.



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