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MEC Aerial Work Platforms Releases Leak Containment System

MEC Aerial Work Platforms Releases Leak Containment System

June 18, 2019 - MEC Aerial Work Platforms announced the patent-pending Leak Containment System (LCS).

MEC investigated hydraulic oil leaks and found the majority come from the hydraulic motors on the front wheels that are constantly stressing the hoses with steering functions. MEC’s entire slab scissor line is direct electric drive, eliminating the drive wheels as a source of oil leaks. With a system of trays integrated into MEC slab scissor lifts to contain leaks, the LCS delivers a better solution to operating machines on surfaces that require protection.

Unlike current methods, the LCS is integrated within the unit to avoid interference with critical machine functions including deployment of the pothole protection system, static strap utility, and front wheel operation.

“MEC thrives on learning our customer’s pain points and creating a better solution to eliminate them,” said Gary Crook, MEC vice president of engineering . “LCS is the perfect result of that.”

With the LCS incorporated inside the machine instead of attached around the chassis, there is unrestricted access to the emergency stop button, emergency lowering functions, and the base controls. The integrated trays are protected from damage due to jobsite debris, forklift handling, and weather elements that can compromise leak containment.

The LCS was developed for easy installation and leak detection through its sleek design with precut absorbent pads for quick replacement. Through the system’s strategically placed inspection holes, a leak can be detected and the absorbent pads can be easily removed and replaced. These features improve efficiency on the job, and highly benefit rental companies and their customers.

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