MEC Introduces Xtra-Deck for Booms

MEC Introduces Xtra-Deck for Booms

MEC Aerial Work Platforms has announced the extension of its latest innovation, the Xtra-Deck onto Booms. MEC’s patent pending Xtra-Deck for its scissor lifts provides an alternative to the industry-wide problem of Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) operators standing on the mid-rails. MEC has extended availability to include all MEC Boom platforms so operators can safely gain extra height in confined areas. 

Driven by a commitment to safe solutions, MEC’s patent pending Xtra-Deck provides an engineered solution that meets or exceeds the requirements of the new ANSI/SAIA A92.20-2020 standards for Design, Calculations, Safety Requirements, and Test Methods for MEWPs. 

Like the MEC XD Scissors, the Xtra-Deck on booms provides an additional 20 inches of height with 3 telescopic guardrails – so end users can reach confined places without standing on mid-rails to do it. The featured guardrails on three sides of the Xtra-Deck slide up and lock into place, meeting regulation height. This additional protection enables the operator to freely use both hands to complete work tasks. 

The Xtra-Deck can be quickly deployed and permits 250 lb. capacity for 1 person. Its narrow width allows access into tight work areas. When the operator completes work, the Xtra-Deck can quickly be stowed, and the guardrails can be retracted to their original position. The Xtra-Deck on Booms can be field-fitted to any MEC Boom platform, regardless of size.

The MEC Xtra-Deck with the MEC 34-J micro boom is ideally suited for construction jobs that are under 40-feet; therefore, allowing more accessibility in hard-to-reach confined spaces. It has powerful 4-wheel drive and positive traction with an oscillating front axle – a true rough terrain construction boom. The MEC 34-J micro boom is compact and lightweight at just 8,600 lbs. (3,900 kg), without compromising construction-grade durability. The optional Proactive Platform Safety System (PPSS) can be added to enhance obstruction awareness and mitigate overhead entrapment risk. The 34-J can be towed with a full-size truck, or three units fit on a flatbed truck for the lowest delivery cost. It also features a 72-inch platform including standard 3-sided entry with a swing gate. Like all MEC booms, the 34-J has ergonomic platform controls and is designed without a footswitch, giving the operator increased visibility and mobility in the platform.

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