Merlo Introduces New Electric Telehandler

Merlo Introduces New Electric Telehandler

Merlo’s first fully electric telehandler, the eWorker, aims to reduce environmental impact with less noise, zero emissions and no fuel consumption. This telehandler offers exceptional performance with ultra-compact dimensions designed to achieve a high level of versatility and maneuverability. 

The eWorker can be used in a multitude of different working environments with a wide range of attachments including: forks (different types), equipment for suspended loads such as lifting hooks, or fly jibs with hook or winch; sweeper buckets, and aerial work platforms.

This electric telehandler has a maximum load capacity of 5,511 lbs. with a maximum lift of 15’7”. Load capacity at maximum lift is 3,307 lbs. The no flex boom has a maximum reach of 8’5” handling a maximum load of 1,984 lbs.


The eWorker that can put in a full day (8 hours) of work without recharging. Its lower center of gravity and increased stability is gained by positioning the battery in the middle of the vehicle. The telescopic boom operates from its own electric motor that is connected to a load sensing hydraulic pump.

In order to optimize energy efficiency, an electronic control unit manages the rpm of the electric motor and the oil flow of the hydraulic distributor. The eWorker’s transmission is 100% electric and consists of a battery that directly powers the electric motors, to ensure generous and constant drive torque throughout the acceleration phase.


For prevention against front tilt, the eWorker features an anti-tilt system equipped with anti-tilt sensors integrated into the rear axle, ensuring maximum stability without compromising the machine performance. Its boom consists of a double “C” profile in high-strength steel with the hydraulic hoses and electrical wires positioned inside the boom to protect against any possible impacts.


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