Nesco Rentals Changes Name to Nesco Specialty Rentals

Nesco Rentals Changes Name to Nesco Specialty Rentals

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Nesco Rentals announced it is changing its name to Nesco Specialty Rentals.

Nesco Specialty Rentals is a specialty equipment and service provider to the utility, transmission and distribution, rail, and telecommunication industries, providing bucket trucks and other specialized aerial devices, boom trucks, cranes, digger derricks, pressure drills, stringing gear, hi-rail equipment, repair parts, tools, and accessories (PTA).

The name change reflects the company's commitment to providing specialized equipment to the transmission and distribution markets, as well as increased investment and growth in the specialized assets needed to support the telecom, rail, and other markets in which Nesco operates.
"The new name – Nesco Specialty Rentals – is a reflection of our long-time primary focus, to supply and support the specialty equipment needs of our T&D customer base,” said Lee Jacobson, CEO of Nesco Specialty Rentals. “In recent years, we have added telecommunications and rail to our focus markets and broadened our Specialty equipment portfolio to match the needs of these markets. As a company with its roots in specialty equipment rental, sales, and service, we are committed to deliver products and services that will help each of our customers in these target markets address the complex needs of their applications."
The new name is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company's product and services throughout the calendar year 2018.
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