New Air-Tow Trailer Can Unload at Dock Height

Air-Tow’s new DH10-8 Drop-Deck and Dock-Height trailer can lower its deck to ground level or raise it as much as 60 in. for easy loading and unloading at dock height.

The DH10-8 weighs 5,700 lbs. and can hold up to 8,000 lbs. for a GVWR of 13,700 lbs.

Air-Tow sales and marketing manager Travis Townsend says that the new trailer was developed in response from customer feedback. “Many scissor-lift users are working in convention halls or other venues with loading docks, so they asked for a trailer that could load and unload at dock height,” he says. Townsend says the dock-height feature also makes the trailer handy for moving vending machines, ATMs, and other equipment.

The DH10-8’s deck is 3/16” steel plate so it won’t warp, and the hydraulic pump that raises and lowers the deck can be powered by a single battery, or by a small Honda gasoline engine.

The trailer’s deck is 74 in. wide x 10’6” long with the ramp closed. The 36-in.-long fold-down tailgate ramp makes an easy connection with either a dock or the ground. The trailer’s overall width is 8’6”.

The tandem swing-arm axles are equipped with Air-Tow’s air-float suspension system for a smooth ride and rotate on extra-large, tapered, long-life roller bearings.

A video of the DH10-8 in action can be seen at