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New NexSys Pure Pack Battery and Charger Feature Integrated Monitoring

New NexSys Pure Pack Battery and Charger Feature Integrated Monitoring

EnerSys, a global leader in stored-energy solutions for industrial applications, continues to deliver hassle-free power with the launch of the NexSys PURE PACK battery and onboard charger system.

The new comprehensive solution consists of the latest generation of NexSys thin-plate pure lead batteries, combined with an integrated Delta-Q on-board charger and Wi-iQ battery-monitoring device.

This all-inclusive solution is a predictable, reliable power source with the flexibility to fast charge from any 110V standard electrical outlet and the intelligence to capture a range of key operating data to help ensure peak battery performance and dependability.

“As the EnerSys product portfolio continues to evolve, it is our mission to provide customers with exceptional products and management tools that not only deliver on performance but also enhance the operator experience,” said Harold Vanasse, senior director of marketing, Motive Power Americas at EnerSys. “The NexSys Pure Pack solution takes our virtually maintenance-free battery power to the next level by combining it with state-of-the-art monitoring software and integrated charging capabilities for a more reliable and further simplified power experience.”

­The latest generation of NexSys Pure batteries features an advanced carbon additive in the TPPL chemical composition to increase cycle life and deliver higher energy throughput for a wide variety of industrial and commercial vehicle applications.

The batteries’ proprietary design delivers robust, hassle-free power without the watering, equalizing, and battery changing typical of conventional flooded lead acid batteries.

The Delta-Q on-board charger is designed to complement the latest NexSys PURE battery charging profile. It plugs into any AC socket for more convenient charging and higher productivity. The added convenience of safe, fast, and efficient recharging can help reduce application downtime while eliminating the need for dedicated charging areas.

The high-performance Delta-Q IC650 charger is programmed and calibrated to match NexSys Pure battery storage capabilities, maximizing energy throughput.

To ensure proper battery charging and discharging, the Wi-iQ monitor tracks state of charge, discharge, and charge current, as well as battery temperature and voltage. Installed directly on the battery harness, it communicates via Bluetooth to remote battery sensors for clean, comprehensive data collection.

The sensors send a continuous stream of wireless data that is processed and stored by the Wi-iQ monitor. Available for Android and iOS operating systems on smartphones or tablets, the E Connect smart app lets users collect and share the Wi-iQ battery and charger data via the cloud.

“The Wi-iQ battery monitoring device is a core component of the NexSys Pure Pack battery. By detecting the early warning signs of battery abuse, it allows operators to correct potentially harmful practices and allows NexSys Pure batteries the opportunity to reach their full operational throughput and cycle life potential,” added Vanasse. “Add to that the convenience of the Delta-Q on-board charger and the NexSys Pure Pack battery gives operators everything they need in one exclusive system for even more hands-off power to streamline operations and reduce overall total cost of ownership.”


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