New York’s Skyway Lift Rentals Adds 183’ Bronto

New York’s Skyway Lift Rentals Adds 183’ Bronto

Skyway Lift Rentals Inc, which specializes in providing truck-mounted aerial lifts across the United States and Canada, has recently bought a 183’ Bronto S183XR aerial platform.

The new Bronto will be delivered at the end of 2022. It will be Skyway’s third Bronto S183XR.

"We’ve been really pleased with the stability and reliability of our Bronto units. The Bronto 5+ control system has impressed us with its advanced technological features and ease of use, and we look forward to adding more Brontos to our fleet in the future as business expands.” said Skyway CEO Andrew Yaremiy.

Skyway’s new S183XR aerial platform will be mounted on a Mack 6×4 chassis and equipped with various operation enhancing options, such as an extendable working cage with 1,300-lb. safe working load and ±220° cage slewing, a water hose to the cage, a complete turntable control station, and 360° continuous turntable rotation. 


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