NexSys Battery Enhancements Reduce Charge Time for High-Capacity Lift Trucks

NexSys Battery

READING, Pa. – EnerSys expanded its NexSys battery line, designed for Class I, II, and III applications including high-capacity lift trucks, to include configurations that can fast-charge in just under an hour. 

The NexSys line now features proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, which can be charged to work for up to 16 hours.

The batteries provide energy throughput of up to 160% in a 24-hour period. They also offer extended life cycles exceeding 1,500 cycles at 60% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

“For nearly a decade, NexSys TPPL batteries have been delivering virtually maintenance-free power for small traction applications,” said Chad Uplinger, vice president of motive power for the Americas at EnerSys. “With the expansion of our NexSys battery portfolio, operators now have a field-tested, fast-opportunity charging solution for high-capacity lift trucks too.”

This technology cuts the time to recharge significantly in contrast to other battery types, Uplinger said.

“Compared to conventional lead acid batteries that need up to 12 hours to recharge, NexSys batteries give operators the flexibility to opportunity charge during breaks or at the end of a shift, without risk to the battery," he said.