Oerlikon Fairfield Assigned Patent for Electric Wheel Drive

Oerlikon Fairfield Assigned Patent for Electric Wheel Drive

Oerlikon Fairfield, Lafayette, Ind., has received a patent for the development of an integrated spindle-carrier electric wheel drive. The E01S drive features a 1.2kW AC induction motor, a 26.6:1 compact double planetary gearbox, and a spring-applied electrically released brake.


The invention of the E01S drive is in the field of compact electric wheel drive assemblies for light, medium-speed vehicles. Its unique and patented feature is the combination of the planetary carrier and wheel spindle to allow for an extremely compact, lightweight package.


The E01S meets the challenge of packaging an electric wheel drive in the same allowable space as a hydraulic wheel drive. The invention allows OEMs to have an electric drive option for their standard vehicle as opposed to completely revamping their machine frame and wheels. A reduction in the number of parts makes this gearbox lighter and less expensive than other electric drives.


The E01S can be used on vehicles with a GVW of 2,500 pounds or less with speeds around 10 mph.


Target applications include aerial platforms, turf and lawn care, utility vehicles, floor scrapers, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and sweepers.


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