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Online Tool Helps Select Miller Fall Protection for Projects and Plans

Online Tool Helps Select Miller Fall Protection for Projects and Plans

Honeywell has launched new online tools designed to make it easier for engineers and architects to specify Miller fall protection systems into nearly any project. 

These online interactive tools ease the process of designing, specifying, and selecting fall protection systems for different projects. Located on a brand new area of the site, the information and tools include: 

  • Engineering Specifications and Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) to help with design and specification requirements.
  • System Comparison Charts that allow visitors to compare features of different Miller fall protection systems at-a-glance.
  • An interactive Fall Clearance Calculator - for use on a computer desktop, smart phone or tablet - allowing users to quickly determine fall clearance and swing fall.
  • An interactive ShockFusion Kit Selection Guide that allows users to select components for a rooftop horizontal lifeline and request a quote for a Miller ShockFusion Kit  in just 7 easy steps.
  • Information on how to “Ask The Expert” for assistance with engineering questions, system specifications, fall protection system designs, or other technical issues.
  • Links to more information about Miller Custom Engineered Systems and Do-It-Yourself Kits.

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