Power Climber Improves PC3 Traction Hoist

Power Climber Improves PC3 Traction Hoist
Power Climber, a division of SafeWorks LLC, has introduced the improved PC3 traction hoist, touting a safer, smarter, and stronger design. With unique features and customer-inspired improvements, the PC3 hoists are made in the United States in Power Climber’s ISO 9001:2008 certified facility and are UL and CUL classified. Electrical issues are solved in less than five minutes by changing the motherboard, and the annual service takes less than one hour.
The PC3 is designed to improve the customer’s bottom line, and according to Power Climber the traction hoists are easier to operate, have a longer service life, and have a lower annual service cost and lower cost to inventory parts. The hoists have fewer voltage problems and a low probability of rope jams. They are easy to troubleshoot and fix, and have a longer service life between replacement parts. 
• Longer service life between replacement parts
“After nearly a decade in the market, we have improved the PC3’s design and features based specifically on our customers’ valuable feedback, offering a product that is now better than ever,” said Mike Russell, national sales director.

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