Ring Power Utility Equipment Offers Terex PAL in the Bucket

Ring Power Utility Equipment Offers Terex PAL in the Bucket

The Terex Positive Attachment Lanyard warning device, or “PAL in the Bucket” option is now being offered by Ring Power Utility Equipment on aerial devices available from Terex with this option.

The PAL system is currently optional on Terex Hi-Ranger LT40 and XT Pro aerial devices.

PAL will also be optional on other Terex models as they are developed. Terex Utilities introduced the PAL system concept in 2017 after running a pilot program with a leading electric utility cooperative.

Over the last year, Ring Power Utility Equipment, based in Jacksonville, Florida, ordered more than 150 aerial devices equipped with the optional operator aid. Those units are now all working as part of Ring Power’s rental fleet.

“Ring Power Utility Equipment is committed to be a leader when it comes to promoting work practice safety. We have a culture of safe work practices, seeking to apply continuous improvement towards zero harm on a daily basis,” said Mike Beauregard, vice president and general manager of the Ring Power’s Utility Equipment Division. “When Terex announced they were bringing the positive attachment lanyard system to the market and were seeking a dealer partner to help support the endeavor, Ring Power Utility Equipment committed right away. We elected to standardize all purchases of equipment available from Terex with this option.”

PAL provides audio and visual warnings when controls are engaged, and the lanyard has not been attached to the lanyard anchor in the bucket. The system is designed to reduce the chance of an operator elevating the bucket without attaching his or her lanyard.

“The inspiration for PAL came from customers. When customers voice concerns or face challenges, we work together with them to find solutions,” said Osvaldo Jimenez, strategic account manager supporting Ring Power.

“A commitment to aiding users in their work safe work practices sometimes requires that you be willing to step outside the box and to constantly look for ways to bring better awareness of hazards in the environment,” said Beauregard. “The PAL System, along with the aerial boom load monitoring available from Terex Utilities and Ring Power Utility provides customers a little more peace of mind in offering their crews the most reliable products in the industry.


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