Safway Introduces New Vertical Access Work Platform, SafeRise Climber

 Safway Introduces New Vertical Access Work Platform, SafeRise Climber

Safway Group has introduced a new vertical access work platform, the SafRise Climber.

“SafRise can ascend at 30 ft. per minute bearing massive live loads – giving it the highest speed-to-capacity ratio on the market,” says Chad Baumgartner, the leader of Safway’s motorized division. “It offers single and twin-mast options, lifting adaptable modular platforms that can conform to curves and corners. The single mast set-up has live load capacities of 8,000 lbs. and spans 50 ft., while the twin-mast version’s live load capacity is up to 13,000 lbs. and spans 120 ft.”

The SafeRise is powered by common 240-volt, three-phase service. “At the heart of the design of this system is a unique, controlled-descent-failsafe feature to ensure worker safety,” explains Baumgartner. “Other safety systems usually stop altogether – leaving crews and materials stuck. SafRise can safely lower the platform to the ground, even without power.

“The ability to quickly lift large equipment, a skilled team, and pallets of materials to optimum ergonomic working heights brings assembly-line-type productivity to large projects, and brings unprecedented agility to cumbersome multi-step jobs,” he continues.

Worksite access is often key to productivity. Being able to position people and very large loads quickly can be the margin of success for smart contractors. “At the same time, we recognize that if a work environment is not safe, nothing else matters,” Baumgartner adds, noting the system’s innovative descent failsafe feature and overall design integrity.



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