Serious Labs, GPRC Announce Partnership for Virtual Reality Technical Training

Serious Labs, Edmonton, Alberta, and Grande Prairie Regional College have signed a memorandum of understanding to bring innovative training solutions to GPRC students. Serious Labs is a global leader in virtual reality heavy-equipment training simulators and blended learning solutions.

GPRC will now use Serious Labs’ current VR training solutions. In addition, Serious Labs and the college will collaborate on and pilot new learning solutions to expand the scope of technical training in northwestern Alberta.

“We are excited to be a part of GPRC’s learning initiative right here in Alberta that recognizes the importance of advancements in training and technology in a shifting world,” said Jim Colvin, president and CEO, Serious Labs. “This partnership is synergistic with our own goal of increasing learning engagement and collapsing the gap between vocational training and jobsite readiness, particularly during the added challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As a first step, in Q1 2021, GPRC and Serious Labs will introduce Serious Labs’ award-winning Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) operator training simulator into a pilot program with the intent of developing a series of micro-credentials to ensure that GPRC apprentices are jobsite ready.

Existing skilled tradespeople will also be able to augment their jobsite readiness. The initiative will help employers and site owners reduce the time and expense of providing additional training to employees.

“GPRC’s administrative strategy, 5GPRC prioritizes innovation, partnership, and the commitment to how our college will provide modern and innovative learning experiences for students in our region,” said Dr. Robert Murray, president and CEO, GPRC. “This partnership is a catalyst in ensuring GPRC delivers these opportunities to future learners and industry leaders in our region. Working with Serious Labs allows GPRC to continue to build strong relationships with industry and create jobs that advance the diversification of our economy well into the future.”

“GPRC is well-known for its innovative approach to post-secondary education, particularly in the skilled trades and apprenticeships,” said Colvin. “Their intention to utilize training tools such as VR simulators demonstrates their next generation thinking.”

Serious Labs has delivered VR solutions for multiple industry leaders around the globe, including United Rentals, Bechtel, DOW, Syncrude, the U.S. Department of Energy, Shell, Singapore International Airport, British Airways, Rapid Access, Loxam, Riwal, and Nationwide Platforms.   


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