Skyjack Mast Lifts Transform Displays in London Auction House Galleries

Skyjack Mast Lifts Transform Displays in London Auction House Galleries
Skyjack Mast Lifts Transform Displays in London Auction House Galleries

Two Skyjack SJ 16 self-propelled vertical mast lifts help to prepare lighting displays in the galleries of the Bonhams auction house in London, home to a wire range of priceless objects. 

Purchased from Rapid Platform last October, the SJ 16s fit the needs of the auction house because of their ease of use, quick setup, and maneuverability. Tim Kearley, gallery manager at Bonhams, said: “The fact we can move around the gallery at height saves time during setups, so we meet our deadlines. The simple controls make it easy to use, even for people who don’t normally operate this type of machinery. I would highly recommend these Skyjacks to our other branches – they make life so much easier – especially when two people are on the platform at the same time.”

The London salesroom has a 20-ft.-high ceiling, making the SJ 16 ideal for the task. The self-propelled vertical mast lift provides a compact footprint and superior maneuverability, ideal for this type of intricate indoor work. When operating in tight workspaces, the high degree steering angle offers a zero inside turning radius.

Kearley has trained five people to use the Skyjacks. “Everyone says how intuitive they are to control, which is very reassuring when hanging a priceless Chandelier - we certainly need a machine we can rely on.”

The SJ 16 features a 16-inch traversing platform, providing increased access and the ability to reach over potential obstacles. A slide-away platform provides easy access to components, when raised or in the stowed position. The SJ 16’s non-marking wheels are a big plus at the gallery as marked floors would spoil the sharp look of the galleries.

The machines are used about two days a a week to prepare the main galleries. With approximately three sales events staged each week, lighting has to be constantly readjusted. This is a time-consuming job, but the machines help Bonhams carry out the work quickly and efficiently. Bonhams has re-sprayed both machines in its own colors. “It has made them unique to us and very appealing when we see them working in the galleries,” added Kearley.


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