Skywalker DDI Takes Delivery of First of Many GMG Electric Drive Scissor and Material Lifts

US Access Equipment company Skywalker DDI based in Denver North Carolina has taken delivery of their first of many GMG Electric Drive Scissor and Material lifts.

President of Skywalker DDI Dan Kaeser commented: “At Skywalker we are constantly looking for better solutions for our customers, the team at GMG has taken scissor lifts to the next level of evolution, this is without question the future of MEWP’s. The direct electric drive and management of available battery power is very impressive, this will provide our customers with extended duty cycles which has been sought after for some time.

With the new GMG machines we can provide our customers with another level of comfort, the removal of the hydraulic drive system not only eliminates leaking drive hoses but results in a whisper quiet operation and very smooth controls. What impressed us as well was the fact that GMG seems to be going down a path in a different direction than others, while most others are cheapening their products GMG has taken a long lasting increased durability approach, the fact that they are using over spec’d components, thicker metal and incorporating simplicity throughout is impressive.”

GMG’s CEO Jim Tolle commented: “We are looking for those who recognize the features and benefits of our products and the team at Skywalker fit perfectly in our marketing strategy. Mr. Kaeser and his team are a forward thinking company, we are honored to align ourselves with Skywalker and look forward to a great future.”