Snorkel Launches Line of Rugged Telescopic Boom Lifts

Snorkel Launches Line of Rugged Telescopic Boom Lifts
Snorkel Launches Line of Rugged Telescopic Boom Lifts
Snorkel Launches Line of Rugged Telescopic Boom Lifts
Snorkel Launches Line of Rugged Telescopic Boom Lifts

Snorkel has launched the first model in a family of four new, rugged telescopic boom lifts designed to stand up to tough rental use.

The revitalized equipment manufacturer rolled out the new family’s first model, a 66-ft. unit named the 660SJ, at the American Rental Association’s The Rental Show in New Orleans during late February.

The 660SJ offers the longest model in Snorkel’s new line of telescopic boom lifts. It is equipped with a 60-ft. boom and 6-ft. articulating jib. The other models are the 60-ft. 600S, which is essentially the same as the 660SJ but without the jib; the 46-ft. 460SJ, which has a 40-ft. boom and 6-ft. jib; and the 40-ft. 400S, which is essentially the same as the 460SJ, less the jib. The jibs articulate vertically from -65° to +70°.

The Snorkel 660SJ delivers 66-ft. maximum platform height, 58’6” maximum outreach, and can lift up to 600 lbs.

It measures 8-ft. wide and its 34’5” stowed length can be reduced to 28 ft. for transport by stowing the 6’6” jib underneath the boom.

Its rugged all-steel construction includes a 4-plate “top-hat” style boom weldment manufactured in Selma, Calif., a durable steel cowling with two individual steel doors on each side, and an all-steel platform.

The turret offers 360° continuous rotation, and has a tailswing of just 47 in.

The new steel chassis, which will be common across all new Snorkel mid-sized telescopic and articulated booms, helps standardize parts and create familiarity for service engineers. Fixed axles are standard; oscillating axles, optional.

The machine is powered by a Kubota diesel engine, and a drop-in dual-fuel engine is in the works. The 660SJ’s open-loop hydraulic system allows lower pressure, and CANbus controllers offer excellent control and easy maintenance. All functions, including travel, boom raising, boom extension, and swing, have proportional controls for smooth, precise operation. In an industry first, even jib articulation and platform rotation are proportional. The CANbus system also provides built-in onboard diagnostics that delivers fault messages in plain text.

The travel system can power through rough terrain, thanks to two-speed wheel motors, and a traction manifold that always delivers oil to all four wheels, providing constant 4-wheel drive. It can also climb a 43% grade.

The 660SJ showcases two of Snorkel’s latest innovative features. The first is a brand new 8’x3’ all-steel tri-entry platform with saloon doors in the middle and a drop-bar entrance at each end. The platform’s built-in panel carrier can hold one or two sheets of material. A glazier package is in the works. For ease of changeout, the platform mounts to the boom with just six bolts and no hydraulic or wiring need to be touched when changing the platform.


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