Snorkel Shows New Aerials for North America at The Rental Show

Snorkel Shows New Aerials for North America at The Rental Show

Snorkel debuted two new machines for the North American market last week at The Rental Show.

The Snorkel S3970RT scissor lift, which was previewed at Bauma, is now ANSI certified and available to order in the United States. Built on Snorkel’s SRT chassis, this compact RT scissor has a maximum platform height of 37'8" but measures only 5'10" wide and 10'10" long. With a lift capacity of 771 lbs. and a roll-out deck extension for extra reach, the S3970RT is ideal for working in confined spaces.

Suitable for rough terrain applications, the S3970RT has four-wheel drive, an articulating rear axle, 13 in. of ground clearance, and can traverse grades of up to 30%. Driveable at full height, standard features include automatic self-leveling outriggers.

Tthe S3970RT is powered by a Kubota diesel engine; but is also available powered by a petrol engine, LPG, or a petrol-LPG combination. A slide-out service tray ensures that technicians have quick and easy access to the engine. Additional standard features include integral fork lift pockets, lifting lugs and tie-down rings for ease of transport.

At the other end of the spectrum, Snorkel showed the ANSI-certified S3010E for the first time in North America. With a 10 ft. maximum platform height, the S3010E has a high amp/hour rating for an extended operating period between battery charges. With a gross weight of 1,091lbs., it is still lightweight enough for many floors with load-bearing restrictions. Measuring 30 in. wide, the machine passes comfortably through standard interior doorways. It can be driven at full height and has a skid steer system for a zero inside turning radius.


TM12 Celebrates 20 Years

Snorkel announced it has reverted the TM12 mast lift to its original product nomenclature for its 20th anniversary. The innovative mast design was originally developed by manufacturer UpRight in response to demand from Japanese rental companies for a compact and lightweight lift for working in tight spaces. Launched at The Rental Show 1994, it has since grown to be a popular product the world over, particularly in the rental industry. It was rebranded as a Snorkel product in 2010 and re-named the M1230E; however was still affectionately known as the TM12 by many in the industry.

The TM12 all-electric self-propelled mast lift can be driven through standard interior doorways and carried in passenger elevators, as well as lift two people with tools to a safe platform height of 11'11".

Snorkel has further enhanced the TM12 with a 20 in. roll-out deck extension, which will become standard later this year. This will extend the platform size to 4'10", providing additional reach without the need to move the machine.


Other Show Highlights

Also on display for ARA members included the A38E all-electric articulating boom with a new control system that is easier to troubleshoot.

Additionally, the EZ Loader series of delivery trucks for North America now is branded as Snorkel. These truck beds are specifically designed for transporting lifting equipment. The hydraulic ramp deploys in just 17 seconds, enabling fast and efficient loading and unloading.


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