Teupen’s Puma pounces on tough access environments - Product News

In the introduction of the Puma, Teupen set about creating a new class of access platform - a combination of a high-tech walking excavator chassis topped with an aerial platform. At first sight it has something of the alien about it, the combination of the walking excavator base and the articulating boom are unfamiliar to the eye, but it does not take long to see the advantages of the combination.

The first Puma – shown at Bauma - is the PUMA42GTX. It has extreme off-road capability and can safely reach its target position even at tilting angles of up to 17deg. The new platform offers a working height of 42.7m with basket load of 400kg. The Puma achieves travelling speeds up to 10km/h even in rough terrain with its 115kW (155Hp) engine.

A large tank volume of 200lt and 230lt additional reserve are the basis for long operating times and high operating reach. The machine is compact and weighs 17.60t with a horizontal reach of up to 16.7m (300kg basket payload). Puma provides high levels of off-road-performance in cooperation with low operating costs, which makes the device very economic.

The cooperation between Teupen’s and excavator specialists Menzi Muck’s designers was to develop an aerial platform with the extreme rough terrain capability of walking excavators. The result is an entirely new class of machines, which combines advantages of walking excavators and outstanding lifting characteristics. The cab and lifting arm are connected to the chassis via a rotary tower adapter in the centre of the unit, so that a 360deg endless rotation in erected position is possible. Together the engineering teams had extensive expertise and the company philosophies of both producers are a good fit in terms of product quality, customer orientation, flexibility and reliability.

Tobias Ritzenhöfer, director of development at Teupen, says "We have combined all positive arguments of one of the most respected tracked aerial platform and the unique and phenomenal capabilities of the Menzi Muck walking excavator and thus created a new class of device. The PUMA42GTX has features and capabilities that can’t be provided by any other work platform in the market."

The Puma’s exceptional driveability and manoeuvrability is being achieved because of a high-tech chassis based on a walking excavator. A sophisticated hydraulic system with sensors controlling every excavator-leg ensures that the wheels and supports have perfect ground contact, in every driving situation, whatever the machine operating angle might be.

It can be optimally adapted to the terrain while driving - even on extreme slopes up to 45deg. A powerful 115kW (155Hp) engine with 4.1lt  displacement made by Deutz allows a perfectly balanced performance for all platform functions with a maximum torque of 610Nm and 1600rpm high speed travelling speeds up to 10km/h. The robust chassis features impressive climbing abilities and has a wading depth of up to 1.20m even through water in terrain, which would otherwise be unreachable.

In addition to exceptional off road capability, fast driving speeds and high safety standards Puma’s Teupen boom profile provides 42,7m working height even operating on slopes of up to 17deg.

The patented tower adapter lifts the access equipment away from the excavator legs so that the platform can travel, walk and climb in all circumstances. The centre of gravity moves freely and is always between the four wheels, ensuring maximum safety.

Teupen says that complex and costly work previously carried out with conventional equipment is now fast, easy and economical to do. Bridgework can be efficiently performed without blocking a second lane. Also work on overhead lines, tree cutting work, work on steep slopes, cliffs or in ports on rough and/or hard to reach terrain are no longer a problem.

The Puma is especially designed for applications that were previously not possible with existing aerial work platforms, or only with very complex and cost-intensive preparation. Levelling the site, cutting trees, complicated transport to/from site, compaction for safe stand and many other drawbacks are not applicable to this machine. Teupen anticipates a short return on investment for this machine.

Head of Teupens’ Development Department Ritzenhöfer says, “PUMA offers capabilities that have not been met by any existing machine on the market – we are filling a gap in rough terrain aerial working for all branches and situations“.

The machine will be in production towards the end of the year with North America having to await a further 12 months before Puma is available to that market.