Teupen Offers New Puma Model in North America

Teupen North America added the PUMA134AX to its product lineup, a machine that offers a unique combination of a high-tech walking excavator chassis with an aerial lift.

The new PUMA134AX offers extreme gradeability with a max of a 45°, and it’s able to set up on a ground slope angle of up to 18°. It has a maximum platform capacity of up to 881 lbs.

The PUMA has a maximum working height of 140 ft. and a maximum horizontal outreach of 42’7” with max capacity in the basket. It has hydrostatic four-wheel drive and precise maneuvering via a sensitive, electrohydraulic remote control. The PUMA134AX is designed to handle any terrain on the jobsite.

Teupen North America,  a leading manufacturer of compact track lifts, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Teupen Maschinenbau GmBH in Gronau, Germany.