Teupen USA to Feature New LEO Series Aerial Lifts at ConExpo

Teupen USA to Feature New LEO Series Aerial Lifts at ConExpo

Teupen USA Inc.'s 2014 LEO Series will be featured in Silver Lot Booth 4581 at ConExpo/Con-Agg. In addition to functional and aesthetic changes to the product line, Teupen will introduce new machine nomenclature. The company says the LEO Series will remain as Teupen’s primary model series, but the nomenclature will change from a metric-based system to an imperial or “foot” model identification system. The new numbering system will be based on platform height rather than working height.

For example, the LEO 23GT's new nomenclature is the TL69A. TL refers to the Teupen LEO Series, and the machine has a 69-foot platform height and an articulated boom.

Additionally, Teupen USA will be showing a new model in the LEO Series at ConExpo. The LEO TL62A is a 62-ft. platform height machine that offers a 39-ft. outreach and a 550-lb. platform capacity. The fourth generation computer control and safety system features an interactive display and "coming home" function, which allows the machine to return to its stowed position from an elevated position using one button rather than multiple joystick functions. A new remote control system also adds functionality to the aerial lift.

During operation, the machine offers increased slope and approach angles, and sliding outrigger pads are included for easy setup. Newly designed and more easily accessible engine compartments add to the machine's serviceability.

Other models on display at ConExpo include the TL35A-G, the TL44AJ, the TL69A, and the TS76S. Options and accessories for Teupen products will also be highlighted. 


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