Tiresocks Improves DripDiaper Design, Eases Installation

DripDiaper redesign

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - Tiresocks Inc. redesigned its DripDiapers, which protect surfaces and finished flooring from fluid leaks caused by construction equipment, to allow for easier installation of the product.

The new DripDiapers include a set of neodymium magnets and clip-and-hook bungee assemblies to create convenient installation attachment points, eliminating slip and reducing the risk of improperly attaching bungee hooks to moving machine parts. This also allows unimpaired operation of machine pothole protectors.

The new bungee assemblies make installation fast and easy, and it removes the possibility of grommets ripping from the DripDiaper’s edge. The improved absorptive pad provides more than twice the absorption capacity of the former design.

The new DripDiapers will be available June 1.