Trojan Battery Introduces Trillium Lithium Ion Batteries

Trojan Battery Introduces Trillium Lithium Ion Batteries

Trojan Battery Co. LLC, Santa Fe Springs, California, introduced the Trillium line of Trojan Intelligent Lithium batteries for deep-cycling applications, designed to be a replacement for existing lead acid batteries. 

With a life expectancy over 5,000 cycles, Trillium maximizes total energy throughput and lowers lifetime operating costs, which is ideal for meeting demanding deep-cycling requirements across a wide range of stationary and motive power applications.

“This is another significant milestone towards our strategic mission of offering a complete range of deep-cycle energy storage technologies and solutions for our customers,” said Neil Thomas president and CEO of Trojan Battery.  “The addition of a highly competitive lithium product line further strengthens our best-in-class technology portfolio."

Designed and engineered in the U.S., Trillium is initially available in three popular sizes and offers a range of advanced safety, environmental, and electronic features, including an intelligent built-in diagnostic.

“It was important for us to incorporate intelligent solutions including advanced cell technology, sophisticated electronics and easy integration for our customers,” said Ivan Menjak, Trojan’s director of global product solutions. “We have incorporated industry-standard 26650-size Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cells and the highest capacity cell configuration to provide market-leading cycle life and energy density. This allows for lower initial cost of energy as well as decreased total cost of ownership over the life of the battery."

Trillium’s built-in battery protection system guards the battery from the extreme demands of various motive and stationary applications. Aftermarket customers without lithium battery experience are now able to switch to this advanced energy technology without the need for  expertise in lithium ion technology or system integration. In addition, OEM customers can quickly add the Trillium range of products into equipment without significant investments in custom pack design and development. 

“Trojan’s entry into the lithium ion space demonstrates our commitment to offering energy storage solutions for our customers in deep-cycle industrial segments and allows for expansion into exciting new markets,” said Bryan Godber, Trojan Battery’s executive vice president of marketing and product management.  “With over 90 years of battery technology expertise and application knowledge, we can provide premium solutions optimized for our target applications.”

Trillium features automotive-grade safety components, CAN-bus communication and an integrated state-of-charge indicator.  The electronic controls allow for voltage compatibility for all 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V applications, including the ability to use most existing lead-acid chargers.
Key product features and benefits:
    •    Highest capacity LFP technology – More energy in a smaller footprint provides longer runtime and can minimize the battery size needed to meet range.
    •    Microprocessor-based intelligence – Allows for real-time state-of-charge, state-of-health analytics and enhanced control algorithms.  
    •    Automotive-grade components – Trillium features a hermetically sealed contactor relay rated for 1 million cycles enabling enhanced battery short circuit and electrical hazard protection.
    •    IP67-rated enclosure – Trillium features the highest rating for environmental protection for this class of products, enabling use in demanding environments while assuring complete protection against dust and moisture.
    •    U.S. engineering and quality excellence – Trillium is designed and engineered with Trojan’s reliability, premium components, and exacting quality standards.  

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