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Two New Ruthmann Models for North America

Two New Ruthmann Models for North America

Last month in Germany, Ruthmann showed its newest Steiger machines, two of which will be available in North America. The highflex STEIGER  T 750 HF is the latest from Ruthmann. It has a working height of 246 ft. and 135-ft. maximum lateral outreach. It can be mounted on a standard four-axle chassis. Even with a basket load of 705 lbs., a 246-ft. working height can be reached. 

The customers and operators will experience more utility by 2° more elevation of the telescope system. By the current 83° elevation angle and with only 28.5-ft. jacking width, it is possible to support even closer to the objects.

The maximum permissible incline is 2°, which is useful because the user does not compensate for as much of inclinations. Thus, less compensation material, such as plates or timber beams, is needed, and setup times are reduced.

The Steigher T 650 HF allows operators to reach 213 ft. of working height. This model is also offered on a four-axle chassis, and the total length of the working platform unit does not exceed 39 ft.

With 141-ft. of outreach (at a basket load of 100 kg) – this is still 13 ft. longer than the current 197-ft. Steiger T 630. It is provided with the highflex telescopic technology,like the larger T 750 HF.


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