United Rentals Helps Utilities Advance Safety, Sustainability and Productivity

United Rentals Helps Utilities Advance Safety, Sustainability and Productivity

Utility companies face a host of challenges as they work to deliver reliable and affordable power to their communities. United Rentals offers innovative solutions, equipment and technologies help utility companies and contractors boost safety, sustainability and productivity.

"United Rentals partners with utilities and contractors so they can safely and efficiently tackle the overhead and underground work to modernization, and improve the resiliency and reliability requirements of the grid," said Craig Schmidt, vice president national accounts, United Rentals.

United Rentals offers general equipment rentals, including utility trucks, digger derricks, pullers, tensioners and aerial work platforms, as well as specialty rentals for trench and confined space safety.

Additionally, digital solutions, such as the cloud-based worksite management platform Total Controland the United Rentals Mobile App help companies make smarter equipment decisions that save both time and money. Industry-leading safety, technology and expertise deliver a single-source, customized rental solution to help utility crews get the job done.

"We have the utility industry solutions and experience to address a wide array of utility projects from excavations and emergency response to outage planning and solving grid congestion constraints. We are committed to providing utilities with the highest level of service and equipment availability while delivering industry-leading value," Schmidt said.

United Rentals Solutions for Utilities

United Rentals solutions meet the worksite needs for electric and natural gas transmission and distribution, telecommunication, storm water and wastewater systems. Included among the United Rentals utility offerings are:

Asset Tracking 

United Rentals offers an extensive fleet of utility trucks with a built-in asset tracking system that makes it easy to keep track of trucks, equipment and tools. Trucks come equipped with hand and power tools, two-way radios and more, all with permanent asset tags. 

These asset tags integrate with Total Control, providing real-time visibility into each tool. Total Control delivers usage and location data to maximize the productivity of their equipment fleet – rented and owned. 

Zero-Emission Portable Energy Systems 

For utilities and contractors looking to address temporary and backup power needs while also meeting sustainability goals, United Rentals offers POWRBANK battery energy storage systems (BESS). The POWRBANK system provides reliable, efficient power and integrates with diesel generators, enabling utilities and contractors to significantly reduce generator run-time, emissions, noise and fuel waste. United Rentals offers POWRBANK systems rated for 40KW to 60KW of power output, providing between 60KW and 120KW hours of storage. 

Trench and Confined Space Safety 

Whether a utility crew is digging a trench or working within a confined space, United Rentals Trench Safety enables the worksite to achieve safety and productivity with underground solutions and safety training. United Rentals has the largest excavation and confined space rental equipment fleet in North America. 

It provides utilities and contractors with customized, cost-effective trench safety and excavation rental solutions. United Rentals supplies OSHA-compliant trench protective systems, including shoring, shielding, composite matting, lasers and optical instruments. Its services help companies in pre-bid analysis of protective system solutions, on-site consultation and engineering designs. 

United Rentals will demonstrate utility equipment, digital tools and excavation safety solutions at the upcoming Utility Expo in Louisville, Ky. (booths E1345 and K285) and the National Electrical Contractors Association Annual Convention in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Attendees at either event can learn how United Rentals customized solutions help utilities and contractors address their specific utility infrastructure construction and maintenance needs.


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