Western Specialty Contractors Preserves Historic Brick Row House

jlg boom lift

Western Specialty Contractors was instrumental in preserving a historic 136-year-old brick row house in Des Moines, Iowa, and a JLG 460SJ telescopic boom lift helped the company do its work. 

The house, built in 1880 by a local business leader, was slated to be razed so that Iowa could expand its State Capitol grounds. The 440,000-lb. historic building was rescued when a private developer moved it four blocks to the city's East Village neighborhood and gave it new life as a restaurant. 

During four months of work on the relocated building, Western Specialty waterproofed the foundation, replaced all the building's joint sealants, cleaned its entire surface, tuck pointed where needed, and then sprayed concrete onto the building's entire west elevation to add structural integrity.

Once the new concrete had cured, textured acrylic coating was applied to the west elevation to waterproof the wall and maintain its historic appearance.

The building has now been registered as a historic landmark. 

During the restoration, Western Specialty rented the JLG 460SJ from Titan Machinery to lift workers to high areas of the building.

The JLG 460SJ has a maximum platform height of 46 ft., can reach out 39'7", and has a 600-lb. unrestricted platform capacity.