XSPlatforms SafeTower Mobile Scaffold Erected from Inside, Lower Platform

XSPlatforms SafeTower Mobile Scaffold Erected from Inside, Lower Platform

XSPlatforms' SafeTower is designed to completely eliminate occupational hazards. The SafeTower has a strength and stability calculation in accordance with EN 1004, has been tested and certified by TÜV Nord, and exceeds the requirements of every international standard and norm. 

The patented QuiXSafe allows the SafeTower to be erected from the inside while standing on a lower platform. This unique XSPlatforms design is mean to allow for safer erection than is typical with conventional scaffolding towers.

Safety at the highest level 

The QuiXSafe ensures all around security while assembling the SafeTower. While standing on a lower platform, the brace encloses both sides of the platform above, immediately creating a safe working situation on the next level. The assembly method mounting the QuiXSafe under a 20̊ angle makes it impossible to unlock the QuiXSafe from the level the user is working on.

The QuiXSafe offers optimal user-friendliness in many aspects. Several separate components are combined into one powerful and extremely safe component. Diagonal supports are no longer needed and only four horizontal braces are required regardless of the (working) height. The QuiXSafe is also a guide for assembling the work platform. The clips on the QuiXSafe act as a visual tool in determining the height of the platform.

The revolutionary three-step system used to attach the QuiXSafe to the scaffolding makes traditional methods of scaffolding tower erection a thing of the past. The QuiXSafe guarantees super-fast, super safe scaffolding tower erection.  

To watch a video of the SafeTower visit: www.safescaffold.com/en/rolling-scaffolding.

XSPlatforms SafeScaffolding systems provide solutions for many industries such as petrochemical, aviation and construction. For more information about the SafeScaffolding systems, please visit www.safescaffold.com.


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