Xtreme Unveils Compact Scissor with Three Steering Modes | Industry News

Xtreme Unveils Compact Scissor with Three Steering Modes | Industry News

Xtreme Manufacturing, Las Vegas, Nev., has unveiled a unique, battery-powered, compact scissor lift with a 12-ft. platform height, 500-lb. platform capacity, and three steering modes: two-wheel front, four-wheel, and crab.

The new one-person lift, named the XS3212 debuted in Xtreme Manufacturing's display at ConExpo. It stands 32 in. wide and 54 in. long, and features an extension deck that can increase the platform length to 79 in. Capacity on the platform is 500 lbs.; capacity on the extension deck is 350 lbs.

The platform features saloon-style gates with a full-length guard, a permanently attached operator control box, and four attachment points for lanyards. The two-axis joystick control provides fully proportional speed control of steering, travel, and platform lifting.

Two 12V batteries feed the 24V electrical system, which powers all of the XS3212’s functions, including scissor raising and lowering, steering, and full-time four-wheel drive. The powerful travel drive lets the lift climb a 32% grade. Non-marking wheels are standard. A built-in 110V charger comes standard.

Travel and steering are powered electrically, and the platform is raised by an electrically powered, self-contained hydraulic unit, so there are no hydraulic hoses on the lift.

The XS3212 can be driven with the platform at full height and the steering system permits a zero turning radius.

Because the fully lowered scissor stack recesses into the chassis, step-in height is just 18.25 in. The chassis also features through-the-chassis fork pockets that make it easy to handle the lift with a fork truck.

Though a compact scissor lift seems an unusual product for Xtreme, which is known for its rugged, high-capacity telehandlers, the XS3212 looks to have inherited the same kind of rugged construction seen in Xtreme's other products.

Despite the rugged design, the XS3212 weighs just 1,860 lbs. empty, and 2,360 lbs. with the maximum load on the platform. Empty, it has a floor load of just 1.08 psi. Fully loaded, its rated floor load is just 1.37 psi.


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