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By : 
Jeff Stachowiak

Editor's note: Jeff Stachowiak's letter has been written in response to a guest column that ran in the Oct. 4 issue of Lift and Access 360 in which Les Knoll discussed the myth of the six-foot rule. Knoll called for others to comment and share other aerial work platform operational myths. Stachowiak, the Safety and Training Manager for Sunbelt Rentals, offered the following comments to clear up the issue even further.

By : 
Les Knoll

Everyone knows about urban myths, those stories of unnatural creatures, incredible cures, conspiracy theories and easy ways to get rich. These are the folk tales that range from Microsoft cash giveaways to chain letters, cures for warts, and the recent 'news' that Mars will be closer to the Earth this year than at any other time within the next 25,000 years. A number of TV producers have made quite a killing bringing these yarns to the airwaves and this list is heralded by the infamous, Ripley's 'Believe it or Not'.

By : 
Todd Moir

Even the smallest rental company has a few scissor lifts in its fleet. For those jobs where a ladder just won't get the job done, a scissor lift • when used properly • can be the safest and most productive way to accomplish the project. Because scissor lifts are such basic machines • they go up, down, and back and forth • they should be relatively easy to inspect, right? Well, yes and no.