20,000 lb Capacity Battery Powered Machinery Cart Introduced

Man & Material Lift Engineering, Cudahy, Wis., has introduced a self-propelled 20,000 pound capacity MC20K battery powered machinery cart designed to efficiently move heavy loads and objects from one work area to the next quickly and easily. It is emissions free, with no discharge of any toxic fumes and runs cleanly, quietly, and efficiently in any environment. The IP rated remote control can operate cart up to 1,000 unobstructed feet away keeping the operator at a safe distance from the moving cart. It features an average run time is 8 hours and a full recharge capability 8 hours. Explosion proof and clean room designs are available.

Features of the machinery cart include a 22 ft deck height; 20,000-pound deck capacity; rubber wheels or tracks; hand held or radio remote automatic guidance; and AC or battery power. Available options and customizations include omni-steering, clean room and hazardous environment kits, four-wheel steering, and fuel cell power.

For more information visit www.manliftengineering.com or contact (414) 486-1760.