A1A Software Integrates GPS and Dispatch into Tracking System

About the time the popularity of different GPS tracking systems began to grow, A1A Software, Fernandina Beach, Fla., was fielding calls from crane owners seeking help with tracking their assets and profitability. Looking at the GPS systems available, the company decided to partner with several companies to provide a simple, low-cost solution to the construction industry.

“One of the products we are working with is the UBI 4000 and UBI 5000 from Global Tracking Group,” says Tawnia Weiss, president of A1A. “Their trackers are rated No. 1 in personal tracking and are used in the field by law enforcement, individuals, and companies tracking their executives who travel globally.”

A1A’s 3DLiftPlan.com, introduced at ConExpo 2008, is an online application that helps crane owners in planning and executing critical lifts. Now, the company is gearing up to introduce an integrated, accurate tracking system, born out of the 3DLiftPlan.com system. With the integration of Dispatch into A1A’s 3DLiftPlan.com, and the integration of GPS into the Dispatch module, salespersons, dispatchers, managers or owners/principals will be able to track their equipment both with their schedule and in real time with GPS.

“They will also be able to track open lift plans and quotes that are upcoming, booked, completed or have not been booked yet,” explains Weiss. “With the power of the reports that we can generate from Dispatch, the real-time tracking reports from GPS, and the tracking of lift plans and quotations, companies will now be able to make a more informed decision and predict their profitability.

How it works

Global Tracking Group’s UBI 4000 and UBI 5000 work by triangulating the location of the unit via communication with U.S. government satellites and communicating back through cellular to the customer’s specific online interface. The unit is the smallest in the industry, says Weiss, and with its magnetic weather and crush-resistant case, it can be concealed anywhere.

The UBI 4000 is the first tracking device capable of updates on a minute-to-minute basis, according to A1A product materials. The self-contained device fits in the palm of your hand. Location information is reported using a direct GPRS data connection. A Geofence feature sends an alert if the target moves outside the pre-defined area.

“The unit is easy to install and can be done in-house by the customer,” Weiss says. “It does not require the installation of an antenna, because of the unique design and power of the internal antenna. One of the great benefits of UBI 5000 and 4000 is the price and the simplicity of installation and web interface.”

Read this entire article in the August digital issue of Crane Hot Line.