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Absolute E-Z UP Introduces a New Portable AWP to North America

Absolute E-Z UP Introduces a New Portable AWP to North America

Absolute E-Z Up (AEUP), Charleston, SC., has announced the availability of the IAWP-9.6 aerial work platform for purchase in North America. The portable aerial work platform is designed to eliminate scaffold set-up time. The AWP provides a zero inside turning radius and offers 397 pounds of unrestricted capacity on its dual extension decks. Only one person is required to transport and operate the model; however, the machine allows for two-person occupancy.  Twin 12-volt batteries ensure over 250 lift cycles or a driving ability of over 7 miles. Batteries can easily be recharged in a few hours using the on-board charger.

With the lowest rolling tire floor load and unit weight in the industry at 1,212 lbs, according to company information, the unit may be used on a variety of floor surfaces. The AWP can manage up to a 35 percent grade and with its narrow footprint, maneuvers in confined locations such as elevators, congested office spaces, and constricted aisle ways safely and simply.

“I have 27 years of industry experience. Throughout my time, many things have changed, but what has consistently remained is the customers' aerial product needs for specific applications,” said Mike Buley, managing partner of AEUP. “The well-designed IAWP-9.6 is a reliable, safe aerial solution, giving customers what they want and need.”

Boasting an unprecedented 10-5-1 warranty, the IAWP-9.6 comes with a 10-year warranty on the mast and cylinder, a five-year warranty on all components, and a one-year non-prorated warranty on batteries. Plus, the environmentally friendly model is painted using a powder coat painting process and uses biodegradable fluid, eliminating costly lubricants and oil changes.


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